Privacy isn't something we mention to make feel safe. It's built into our DNA.

Maintaining your privacy is something we take very seriously. Privacy isn’t something we talk about to make ourselves sound good, it’s one of the reasons we started Heard, and it’s baked into our DNA. Just because you use our service doesn’t mean your personal information belongs to us.
You should be in complete control of who sees your private information, and how it is shared.

Privacy first

We want to make sure that you’re kept safe from businesses who should have nothing to do with your data or your relationships. We made a commitment on day one to never sell your private data to anyone, or monetise it in any way.

So how will we make money? It’s simple - we’ll look at what’s being talked about in the public timeline - things you’ve chosen to share publicly. So if you ask for advice on where to get a late night cocktail where you are, we can show you an ad for just that. We will never use any of the data in your profile, your private messages or your friends connections.

Privacy also means ensuring you and your information is safe from other users too. Heard works best when you’re connecting with new people, and exploring the area around you. But sometimes you want to do it privately. You can choose at any time whether you want to be shown in the people nearby page - and it’s right at the top of the page, not hidden away in a menu you’ll never find. So you can turn it on and off as many times a day as you need.

Your exact location is never revealed to anyone either. All Heard activity is based on a 5km radius, but you could be anywhere in that space. And the people nearby list is random - so you can’t use it to track people and narrow down their location.

Messages and Moments are temporary on Heard, because we believe that what you do online doesn’t need to stay online forever. You don’t record everything you say in real life. Heard isn’t a document of everything you do, it’s about meeting people, experiencing things and living in the moment.

We keep conversations on our servers for a few days after they have disappeared from the public timeline. This is so that anything that has been reported, such as offensive or threatening behaviour can be investigated. After that they are deleted, and we don’t keep a record of what was said. We’re an app, not your mum.

We get a lot of people asking if they can sync their friends list from other social sites, and whilst this sounds like a useful feature, it gives those other sites access to your data. And let’s just say they are not as careful with it as we are, so we don’t think this is a trade-off worth making.

And for the people who tell us (a lot) that this is slowing our growth - We know. But look at some of the huge problems that ‘growth at all costs has caused’. We think this is a trade-off worth making. And with new people signing up to Heard every day, we think we’re doing the right thing.

Data privacy

Even though we know a lot less about you than most other platforms, we still taker the responsibility of holding your data very seriously. We use industry-standard encryption on our servers, and we work with technology partners such as Google to ensure that your data is safe and secure at all times.
We are also aware that even the most secure platforms and services are vulnerable to data leaks and hacks. We can protect against this by having incredibly sophisticated and robust security systems - and we do, but we can go further. By storing very little data on our users, and even less of your private information even if the worst was to happen the risk is minimised. The less there is stored, the less there is to steal.

We’re at the start of what we hope is a long journey, but we’re glad you’re here with us, and we look forward to growing together.

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