Heard and the road ahead

Heard and the road ahead

2019 has been an amazing year for Heard. We’ve added thousands of new users, worked with some amazing people, seen our founder nominated from entrepreneur of the year, and even put on our first music and arts festival Mercury Climbing.

We got some amazing feedback from Mercury Climbing, and it was great to see directly how people used Heard and get feedback in real time. One of the drawbacks of creating something that is used in so many different places is that you don’t always get to see exactly how people use your app.

Some of the comments were amazing, it was so great to see people use something we created to bring them closer and make new connections. We also got some comments about how the app could be improved, and what people what to see in the future, and that’s what we want to talk about today.

The two points that came up repeatedly were
1 – it needs more users to be really useful
2 – it can be a bit sluggish, especially on older phones

With regards to point one; we know that any social app is only as useful as the people using it; No one wants to be the only person at a party. Heard is growing daily, and we’ll be hosting a lot more events like Mercury Climbing in the coming months, as well as working with some amazing bands, events and promoters to bring Heard to even more people.

The second point is the one we want to really focus on here though. We’re working on a brand new version of the app, which will see it completely rewritten from the ground up, with some new features added too. Whilst it may not seem too different when you first see it, it will be significantly faster and more reliable, especially if you’re using an older phone. It will also lay the groundwork for us to add some really cool features in the coming months.

Something we here a lot is ‘we love the idea of Heard, but it’s not as fast or smooth as Facebook or Twitter. We get that, and it’s hard to argue against. To put it on context though Facebook employs over 13,000 people and the Heard team is 3 people.

What this new version will allow us to do though, is react really quickly to your feedback and implement changes, sometimes without you having to update the app. To steal an analogy if Facebook is an oil tanker, we’re a speedboat and we’re going to use that to our advantage, releasing updates and new features based on your requests quickly and regularly.

Having said all that, we’re not a competitor to Facebook and we don’t want to be. We created Heard as an antidote to the growing trend of living on your phone and not in the moment. We like Facebook, we just believe there’s a better, more social and healthier way to use social media. One that actually brings you together with the people around you and focuses on you and your social life and not your social media.

So if you like Heard and think it’s a great idea, stick around, we’ve got big things planned and we’d love you to be there with us.

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