Social Media is broken

Social Media is broken

Social media isn’t a bad thing, it’s helped to bring the world closer together and empowers millions of us every day. But the way we use it sometimes and the negative impact it’s having on us needs to change.

Teenage depression has risen massively, and hundreds of studies have linked it to social media. And problems caused by loneliness and isolation are also on the rise; people use social media to replace real life interactions instead of enhancing them, and we’re feeling the negative effects more and more.

And let’s be honest – do you post how your life really is, or how you want it to appear to other people? You’re not seeing someones real life, you’re seeing a heavily edited high-life reel. One that that neither you or they can live up to – and that just makes the problem worse for everyone.

Things need to change, and we want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

How can Heard help?

We believe it’s simple. We want to empower you to make real-life, meaningful connections, and spend less time on your phone. That might sound an odd ambition for an app, but we don’t measure the success of Heard on how long you spend on the app, but rather how you use it and the relationships you make because of it.

So how is Heard different?

Heard uses your location to show you only the conversations and people around you. Only showing you the experiences and people around you means you’re more likely to talk about the things that matter to you- what’s happening right now, where you are. And seeing which of your friends are nearby means you can create new experiences and memories you might have missed out on. How many times have you seen someone post of Facebook about an event and thought ‘I was there too, we could’ve met up’?

Safety and privacy are really important to us, and we take them very seriously. We never track when you’ve been, and your exact location is never revealed to anyone, and you can only send someone a direct message after they’ve accepted your friend request.

We don’t have follower counts on Heard because we believe that it’s not about having as many followers as you can, but making a few real connections that will enhance your life. There are no algorithms to decide what you see – posts are shown based on your location, and you always see the newest ones first. Simple, easy, and the best way to see what’s going on.

Messages don’t last forever on Heard – they disappear after a few days. We believe that not everything you do needs to stay online forever. Talk to people, make plans and move on – just like real life. Heard is about being in the moment, not creating a record of everything you ever did or said.

We’re working with some amazing people this year to bring Heard to even more places, and we’ve got some big updates planned for this year to make discovering new things and making new connections even easier.

Let’s make social media social again.



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