Introducing Heard

Introducing Heard

After more than two years in development, and a lot of sleepless nights, we’re excited to announce Heard – a brand new platform that allows you to connect, talk and share with the people around you; no searching, requesting or waiting for people to find you – Just turn up and get involved.

It’s a great way to connect, meet new people or just find out what’s going around you from the people that are there. From concerts to expos, parties, festivals and everything in between, Heard works anywhere like-minded people come together.

Now we know what you’re thinking – ‘great; another social network, just what we need’. However, Heard isn’t just another social network, and it isn’t like anything you currently use. We’ve built Heard from the ground up to give you unprecedented control over how and where you use it. It’s designed to fit in and around your life and your current social media how you choose. It’s your life, you should be in control of it.

We’ll be launching Heard later this year for iOS and Android. Sign up here to be part of our beta program to make sure you find out the latest news on what we’re up to first. As well a chance to try out Heard early, We’ll also be offering exclusive prizes and discounts for our early users, including the chance to win a brand new iPhone or Android phone at launch.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for what we’ve got planned, exciting things are coming.

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