Heard is here

September 25, 2017

We’re really excited to announce that Heard is live, and ready to download for you now.

Heard is brand new way to connect and share with the people around you. No searching, no requesting and no waiting – just turn up and get involved.

Heard allows you to talk to people nearby, about the things that matter to you. From exploring the local area, to sharing your gig experience with like-minded people how you use Heard is up to you.

Heard works by creating Moments – a conversation that anyone around you can join in and contribute to. Anyone can create a Moment anywhere, about anything, and anyone in the area can join a moment and join in and get involved.

Use Heard to:

• Talk to like-minded people at concerts, gigs, festivals – anywhere people come together for the same reason
• Find out about the local area from the people that now it best – from nights out to local attractions
• Get up to the minute information about the things happening around you
• Ask questions, help others or just talk to the people around you, it’s a great way to connect and meet new people

Get it now – and get your favourite username before someone else does!


You can download the Heard Android App on the Play Store now

You can Download the Heard iOS app from the App store now