Enhanced Moments.
Your own event app without creating your own app.

Now free for 2021.

Heard brings thousands of people together every single month, from inspiring local communities to creating new friendships. But when you’re running an event you need something more. That’s where Enhanced Moments come in.

Think of them as an app inside an app. They sit in the main timeline and let you group all your content together under your brand. And it lets users focus on what's happpening at an event.

Re-engineered from the ground up for events

Covid has rocked the world and hit the events industry hard. We've used the time to rethink Moments from the ground up and see how we can make them even more useful. We're relaunching them this spring, faster then ever and with even more features, based on your feedback.

And all Enhanced Moments are free for 2021 - it's our way of giving back to an industry that we love.

Get real-time feedback from your attendees. From finding out what they like and what they want more of, to identfying small problems before they become big problems.

Offer exclusive content and prizes that you can only get by being there.

We can even promote your event in the days leading up to the event, increasing engagement and ticket sales.

Make your events more social. People love events where they feel connected and meet new people - making them more likely to come back.

The best things in life are free

Enhanced Moments normally start from £2,000, but for the rest of 2021 they will be completely FREE - no hidden costs or credit card 'verifications' required.
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