Heard for Events

Designed for people, Moments are a great way to help you organise your event no matter what size.

A better way.

If you’re organising or running an event, your own app can be a great way to keep in touch with your attendees, and they're great for your guests to see what’s going on.

But they can take months to design and build, and cost thousands of pounds. And then there’s the challenge of getting people to download them and sign up. Which is why we created Moments.

Share a Moment.

Moments are a group that sit within the main timeline and keep things organised - think of them as an app within an app. Moments are free and can be set up instantly.
But if you want to stand out and really engage with your attendees, there's Official Moments.
There’s no additional registration needed for users, and if your attendees already use Heard all they have to do is turn up and get involved.

Your Moment, your way.

Official Moments can be branded to your specifications and offer all the benefits of your own app. Best of all they can be set up in less than a day, at a fraction of the cost.

Features can include:
• Push notifications
• Alerts
• Real-time monitoring & feedback

Use Moments to talk to your guests, let know about any changes or additions, or even run last minute compeitions and offers.

Safe & secure.

Privacy and security are our main concerns - for you and our users. You can set the size of the moment to control where it appears & who sees it, or add passwords so that only registered guests can join in the conversation.
Auto-joining for pre-registered attendees keep things simple and reduce friction for users.
All this is in addition to our industry-leading privacy and securty features.

You're in good company.

We’ve already worked with several high-profile events including North by Northwich, Foodie Friday and Mercury Climbing.
We've worked with bands including The Charlatans, Fuzzy Sun, The Lathums and more. We're continuing our existing partnerships, and we’ll be working with even more events, festivals and exhibtions in 2020.

Say hello.

We're creating Moments for hundreds of different events every month across dosens of different disciplines.
To find out more and see how Heard can help you and your events get in touch and one of our events team will get back to you.

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