Heard brings you together with the people around you to create amazing social experiences.
Real people, real connections.

Heard is brand new way to connect and share with the people around you. Available on iOS and Android.

Heard uses your location to show you what's happening around you right now, wherever you are. It's great for catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and creating new experiences.

Social life, not social media.

Everyone you intertact with on Heard is nearby you. Share your experiences, discover new ones and meet new people. Heard is about friends, not followers.

Nights out, gigs, festivals - Heard is great anywhere people come together, it was created to make social experiences even more social.

Messages and Moments only last a few days and then disappear - ready for you to make new connections and memories. Not everything you do online needs to last forever.

Privacy focused

We don't sell your data or give access it to any third parties or advertisers, and we never will. Because put simply, we believe that privacy is a right, and our business shouldn't depend on spying on yours.

Heard for Events.
Organising an event? We can can help you and your guests stay connected and help you make your event even more social . Find out more here.

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