Heard is brand new way to connect and share with the people around you. Available on iOS and Android.

Talk to the people around you, wherever you are. Find out what's happening right now, no searching, no requesting and no waiting.

What are you missing out on?

Nights out, gigs, festivals - meet new people and talk about the things that matter to you. Share your passions, or create new ones.

Heard is about people, and making new connections. Ask questions, share your passions or find out what's happening around you right now.

Moments only last a few days and then disappear - ready for you to make new ones; not everything you do online needs to last forever.

Safe. Secure. Open.

Safety is at the Heart of everything we do. Your location is never revealed to anyone, and industry-leading privacy settings mean you control exactly what you share.

Direct messages can only be sent to people on your friends list, so you decide exactly who can contact you.